elizabeth barton

​I teach several classes ONLINE with www.academyofquilting.com

I'm developing my online teaching more and more, and am always thinking up ideas for a new class. So, do let me know if there's a class you're looking for, that doesn't yet exist!! If I'm interested in the topic, I'll definitely consider writing one on it.

Ongoing classes with the Academy of Quilting
(click blue button to visit the Academy for more details and to register if you are interested:

Most classes are available "on demand"; others rotate about twice a year. Please check with the academy for full details. Classes are approximately $10 per lesson and each class has 4 or 5 lessons and lasts about 2 months.

 Inspired to Design 

  Working in Series  

Mod Meets Improv

Abstract Art for Quiltmakers 

More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers
Basic Dyeing for Quiltmakers
     Dyeing to Design

​The Color Cour

The Six Hour Quilt

​The Great Scrap Quilt (NEW)

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I love working with students one on one and I'm happy to send you full details of my coaching program and answer any questions. I am an honest critic, but a supportive one. I am able to help you to generate ideas and designs and carry them out. Most importantly, I can see the strengths and weakness in with critique and see where the solutions might lie in clear everyday language....no "art speak"!!!

​ ...I want to help you to go forward in your own journey of improvement.

You can also see what I'm doing and what I'm thinking about on my blog: www.elizabethbarton.blogspot.com

​  or on Instagram: elizabethbartonartist